Kenting 墾丁


        Kenting 墾丁 is located at Pingtung County (Southern Taiwan). Kenting is well known for its tropical climate and sunshine, scenic mountain and beach. I repeat, BEACH! Take note that Kenting is located at the lower part of Taiwan. The temperature there would be a lot higher during the day and drop to super cold at night. Not super cold but.. COLD.  It feels like summer here when it's winter. Prepare sunblock and summer clothes. Actually you need summer and winter clothes here for the day and night. (The temperature in Taiwan is confusing).

Accommodation : 
I stayed in Happiness Guest House . Love how they decorate the whole guest house uniquely. (Burger pillows everywhere)
Address : No.65, Baoxin Rd., Checheng Township, Checheng Township, Kenting, Taiwan 94447

There are many activities you can do in Kenting. Both on land and sea. You should visit the Visitor Center for suggested tours and inquires. eg: purchasing attraction tickets 

Attractions :

Moonlight Beach  
We played Donuts 甜甜圈 / Popeye 大力水手 / Surf boats 衝浪快艇 . My first time playing on the sea water. I would be lying if I say I did not scream. I finally know how salty the sea water is. (I know how stupid this sounds like). I've been to beaches before but I don't go near the sea water. (I have this crazy imagination that there are many jellyfishes in the water ready to sting me).
So, while I was playing one of the water game, I almost fell into the water. I told myself there's no way I'm getting in the water (I can't swim).
I was like "HANG IN THERE CHERN. YOU CAN DO THIS. HOLD TIGHT". I felt like I've gained muscles in just 5 minutes hahahahha just joking, my whole body was aching after playing. 

Kenting Night Market 墾丁夜市 

The thing about eating ice cream at night during winter is that Taiwanese will think that you're crazy. Just like how a wear shorts and kept getting questions if I'm feeling cold. 

When you're in Taiwan night market, squid is something you'll often find

As you walk further down the street, there's cafe by the beach with night band and beautiful lightings. You know I'm a photo-freak when it's so dark but I still want to take pictures.

 too formal isn't it?
yes it is..


"sexy pose" ;) wink wink*

our funny yet scary (failed) jump-shot: 

 Evil House 惡靈鬼堡
Honestly I think it wasn't really scary. The ghosts are repeated. I mean as you walk you keep getting the same ghost that scares you again. (I think there's less than 5 ghosts). The decorations are just normal too. It only took about 10 minutes to finish the journey. I know it's not scary when I manage to walk with my eyes open. The haunted house in Sunway Lagoon is 10 times scarier. 

   Ride or die? I've been riding so many different vehicles in Taiwan. From riding a bicycle until an ATV Ride. In Malaysia, I only sit cars. That's why I'm quite terrified when I'm on any bike in Taiwan. Although I'm just the passenger sitting behind... I'm still scared because that is not what I usually does in Malaysia. It's so insecure compared to a car. But I got used to it after riding more and more bikes.

 Just a small reminder, wear glasses while riding this. The amount of sands that went in my eyes... ouch.

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  1. Hi, May I know which month did you go Kenting? You mentioned winter. I'm going in Winter, so I'm wondering if those water activities will be available. thanks in advance.


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